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What District Am I In Hunger Games Quiz

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Playing games is always fun. You enjoy playing moreover it releases stress and you feel afresh. Do games relax your pressure or do you think most of the time about the next step in the game? The nation called Panem was set up in the fictional world of 13 districts in the Hunger Games series. Let's play an interesting 10 questions quiz on what district you are in hunger games?

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1. How many districts are there in the Hunger game series?

52862 10
52863 12
52864 13
52865 14

2. Which is your favorite online game among the following?

52866 PUBG
52867 Hunger games series
52868 GTA Vice city
52869 D&D

3. Which hunger games series you belong to?

52870 7
52871 9
52872 12
52873 Others

4. Which celebrity would you like to meet?

52874 Cristiano Ronaldo
52875 Imran Khan
52876 Serena William
52877 Post Malone

5. What do you enjoy most about gaming?

52878 High-speed driving
52879 Bashing here and there
52880 Beating anyone for no reason
52881 Others

6. Which brand among the following do you like the most?

52882 Michael Kors
52883 Walmart
52884 Chanel
52885 Reebok

7. What is your biggest fear?

52886 Fear of public speaking
52887 Fear of getting old
52888 Fear of loneliness
52889 Fear of death

8. You play hunger games series on which platform?

52890 Mobile phone
52891 Laptop
52892 Tablet
52893 Computer

9. Which is your favorite game?

52894 Cricket
52895 Football
52896 Volleyball
52897 Basketball

10. What would you do if you are alone at home?

52898 Eat ice-cream from freeze
52899 Watch favorite movie
52900 Play games on the laptop
52901 Sleep
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