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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About World War II

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World war 2, also termed as a second world war is actually one of the global wars that lead to another destruction of lives, loss of resources and weapons, loss of property, and also the greatest loss of nature and its components. The war started around the 1930s and even ended in the 1940s. Among all the countries there were two military alliances and formed their union and fought against each other with a view of destroying each other and maintain good relations among the formed alliance countries. Let us now have a look at this trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about World War 2!

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1. What are the nations involved in the war formed two opposing alliances called?

30074 Nazis and Freeman
30075 The Goals and Restor
30076 Axis and Allies
30077 Homeland and Confederacy

2. How many years did the world war last?

30078 4
30079 6
30080 8
30081 10

3. Who was the U.S. president when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

30082 Franklin D.Roosevolt
30083 Rachaill Williamson
30084 Herbert Hoover
30085 Calvin Coolidge

4. What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?

30086 Geneva Conference
30087 Treaty Of Versallies
30088 Paris Peace Accords
30089 Treaty of Los-Berstock

5. When did Hitler became the essential dictator of Germany?

30090 1920s
30091 1930s
30092 1940s
30093 1950s

6. What war during the 1930s greatly influenced the development of military tactics that were used in WWII?

30094 Spanish American War
30095 Boer War
30096 Spanish Civil War
30097 Korean War

7. What was the last major attempt at a peaceful resolution with Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII?

30098 Munich Conference
30099 1936 Olympic Conference
30100 The Washington Conference
30101 Geneva Convention

8. Which event began World War II?

30102 Pearl Harbor
30103 Assasination of Arch Dark Ferdinand
30104 Inavsion of Poland
30105 Battle of Britain

9. What was a line of fortifications across the French border with Germany?

30106 The maginot line
30107 The seigfried line
30108 The stalin line
30109 The verdun line

10. What was the British Expeditionary Force was made to evacuate France in 1940 through the French port?

30110 Calais
30111 Le Rochelle
30112 Antwerp
30113 Dunkirk

11. What did the Battle of Britain consisted of?

30114 A sea borne landing operation
30115 Unrestricted submarine warfare
30116 Strategic bombing campaign
30117 The largest tank battles in history

12. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?

30118 Lenin
30119 Trotsky
30120 Stalin
30121 Kruschev

13. What was the decisive city battle of the Eastern European Front ?

30122 Kursk
30123 Kharkov
30124 Stalingrad
30125 Kiev

14. When did Pearl Harbor occur?

30126 7 December, 1942
30127 11 December, 1941
30128 7 December, 1941
30129 8 December, 1940

15. What was the most significant early U.S. victory in the Pacific theatre?

30130 Battle of Coral Sea
30131 Wake Island
30132 Iwo Jima
30133 Midway
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