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Quiz: How Much You Know About Astronomy Day 2020?

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Astronomy Day is celebrated Semi-annually by the member countries of the United Nations to establish the relationship between astronomers and the common man. Astronomy Day also forms part of National Astronomy Week, which begins on the preceding Monday. Originally, Astronomy Day occurred on a Saturday between mid-April and mid-May and was scheduled so as to occur at or close to the first quarter moon. In 2007, an autumn rendition of Astronomy Day was added. It was scheduled to occur on a Saturday between mid-September and mid-October so as to be on or close to the first quarter moon.

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1. When is Astronomy Day celebrated?

74544 Saturday between mid-April and mid-May
74545 Saturday between mid-April and mid-May on or just before the first quarter moon
74546 Both of the above
74547 None of the above

2. When was this event started first?

74548 Since 1970
74549 Since 1971
74550 Since 1972
74551 Since 1973

3. This event has been canceled in 2020 due to...

74552 Fail of moon mission
74553 Global Pandemic
74554 Death of Astronomers
74555 All of the above

4. When was this day celebrated in 2019?

74556 May 11
74557 October 5
74558 Both of the above
74559 None of these

5. This event was started by which?

74560 Doug Berger
74561 Nick Hague
74562 Luca Parmitano
74563 All of the above

6. Which of the following dates is the arrival of astronomy days?

74564 September 26, 2020
74565 May 15, 2021
74566 October 9, 2021
74567 All of the above

7. When was an autumn rendition of Astronomy Day was added?

74568 In 2002
74569 In 2005
74570 In 2007
74571 In 2009

8. Which of the following is the Genre of celebrating Astronomy Day?

74572 Astronomy-related events
74573 Competitions
74574 Both of the above
74575 None of these

9. Who was the prez of the US in 1973 when this event was started?

74576 Richard Nixon
74577 Lyndon B. Johnson
74578 Ronald Reagan
74579 Jimmy Carter

10. What is the purpose of celebrating Astronomy day?

74580 For everyone interested in space to explore their passion
74581 Increase their knowledge
74582 Enthusiastic about space
74583 All of the above
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