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Test Your Knowledge About Resources On The Earth Quiz

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A resource that is economically feasible and culturally valid. The conversion of goods available in our environment lies in the interrelationship of response technology and resources. Resources are the result of human actions. Humans themselves are an important part of resources. They convert substances found in the environment into resources and use them.

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1. What are the resources that are based on origin?

16725 Renewable and Nonrenewable
16726 Biotic and Abiotic
16727 Personal and Public
16728 None of these

2. When was the first international earth conference celebrated in Rio de Janeiro?

16729 May, 1992
16730 August, 1992
16731 June, 1992
16732 March, 1992

3. Which report was published as a book titled 'Our Shared Future'?

16733 Common future
16734 Sustainable development
16735 Power development
16736 None of these

4. Who advocated resource conservation in an international systematic manner in 1968?

16737 Smile is beautiful
16738 Club of rome
16739 UNCED
16740 All of above

5. Resources that will always be available....

16741 Renewable
16742 Inexhaustible
16743 Non-Renewable
16744 Conservation

6. Resources that can be replaced ....

16745 Renewable
16746 Inexhaustible
16747 Non-Renewable
16748 Conservation

7. Managing resources to be used wisely called ....

16749 Renewable
16750 Inexhaustible
16751 Non-Renewable
16752 Conservation

8. Resources that can not be replaced...

16753 Renewable
16754 Inexhaustible
16755 Non-Renewable
16756 Conservation

9. Sun is a ......

16757 Renewable resource
16758 Inexhaustible
16759 Non-Renewable resource
16760 Conservation

10. What does recycling mean?

16761 To use a natural resource to make something new
16762 To use less of a natural resource than is possible
16763 To reuse natural resources or old products to make new things
16764 To put old products in the trash
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