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Test Your Knowledge About Republic Day Of India! Interesting Quiz on Republic Day Of India

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India, a land with diverse cultures and different ideologies. Republic day of India is celebrated widely on 26th January all over India. The day India got its constitution amended by Dr. Baba Sahab Rao Ambedkar College. The republic Day is a guested holiday in India where every person has the feeling of patriotism. The Republic Day is such a great day that it is celebrated with a perfect celebrations. The day starts with the Rashtrapati Bhavan Parade to the India Gate, by the brave soldiers of India. Also the brave martyrs are awarded by the president of India on this day. Let us now have a look at the trivia quiz and see how much you know about Republic Day of India!

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1. Who takes salute on Republic Day at Rajpath?

40955 Prime Minister
40956 President
40957 Vice President
40958 Governer

2. When India adopted the Constitution of India?

40959 15th August, 1947
40960 12th September, 1967
40961 26th January, 1950
40962 6th February, 1954

3. Who gave the Constitution Of India?

40963 Mahatma Gandhi
40964 Subhash Chandra Bose
40965 Jawaharlal Nehru
40966 Dr.BR Ambedkar

4. Where does the guest of the Republic Day celebration comes?

40967 Another country
40968 Another State
40969 Rashtrapati Bhawan
40970 None of the above

5. When are the national bravery awards given?

40971 Independence Day
40972 National Defence day
40973 Republic Day
40974 Gandhi Jayanti

6. Where does the National Parade starts from?

40975 India Gate
40976 Rashtrapati Bhawan
40977 Red Fort
40978 Delhi Border

7. Where is the Beating Retreat ceremony is held at?

40979 Red Fort
40980 Rashtrapati Bhawan
40981 India Gate
40982 Vijay Chowk

8. Who designed the Indian National Flag?

40983 Pingali Venkayya
40984 Rabindranath Tagore
40985 Mahatma Gandhi
40986 Dr. BR Ambedkar

9. Who is called the father of Indian Constitution?

40987 Dr BR Ambedkar
40988 Dr Rajendra Prasad
40989 Mahatma Gandhi
40990 Pingali Venkayya

10. When is the Constitution Day?

40991 26 November
40992 29 November
40993 26 January
40994 29 January

11. Who was the president of India on the last Republic day?

40995 APJ Abdul kalam
40996 Manmohan Singh
40997 Narendra Modi
40998 Ram Nath Kovind

12. Who was the President of India on the first Republic Day?

40999 Dr Rajendra Prasad
41000 Jaewaharlal Nehru
41001 Pratibha Patil
41002 Pranab Mukherjee

13. After how many years did India celebrated their first Republic Day of India?

41003 1
41004 2
41005 3
41006 4

14. How much years did India took for the making of its Constitution?

41007 1 year 8 months
41008 2 years 11 months
41009 3 years 14 months
41010 2 years 10 months

15. How many amendments were done in the Indian Constitution?

41011 109
41012 87
41013 198
41014 94
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