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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Lysosomes Or Suicide Bags Or Disposal Units

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Lysosomes are membrane-bound vesicles containing acidic hydrolytic enzyme in the form of minute crystalline or semicrystalline granules. They are rich in cells involved in intracellular digestion. They are also known as suicidal bags. There are about 40-50 types of hydrolytic enzymes in lysosomes which are synthesized in RER and catogrised as Nucleases for digesting nucleic acid, Lipase for lipids, Phosphatases for phosphate linked compound , Sulphatases for sulphur linked compounds and Glycosidases for polysaccharide digestion. Lysosomes show polymorphism. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about Lysosomes or suicide bag.

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1. Who discovered Lysosomes?

29306 Camillo Golgi
29307 Christian Rene de Duve
29308 Morgan
29309 Miller

2. In which year Christian Rene de Duve discovered Lysosomes?

29310 1960s
29311 1940s
29312 1950s
29313 1970s

3. Which one is the vesicle filled with inactive hydrolytic enzymes?

29314 Storage granules
29315 Secondary Lysosome
29316 Both of them
29317 None of them

4. Which of the following lysosome fused with ingested food?

29318 Primary Lysosomes
29319 Secondary Lysosomes
29320 Residual Body
29321 Autolysosome

5. Which one is the lysosome left with only undigested food, which later on its thrown out by excretion?

29322 Autolysosome
29323 Primary Lysosomes
29324 Secondary Lysosomes
29325 Tertiary Lysosoemes

6. Worn out cell organelles are digested by .....

29326 Peroxisome
29327 Lysosome
29328 Glyxisome
29329 Ribosome

7. The lysosome hydrolases work at .....

29330 Neutral pH
29331 Acidic pH
29332 Alkaline pH
29333 Any pH

8. Lysosome having mitochondria is called ......

29334 Primary lysosomes
29335 Secondary lysosomes
29336 Residual body
29337 Autophage

9. Lysosomes can hydrolyze all types of organic compound except .....

29338 Proteins
29339 Lipids
29340 Cellulose
29341 Starch

10. Which disease is caused due to the hyperactivity of lysosomes?

29342 Gout
29343 Lung fibrosis
29344 Arthritis
29345 All of the above

11. Osteoclast cells in bones are rich in ....

29346 Lysosomes
29347 Ribosomes
29348 Mitochondria
29349 ER

12. Lipofuscin granules in nerve cell are.....

29350 Primary lysosomes
29351 Secondary lysosomes
29352 Tertiary lysosomes
29353 Autophagic lysosomes
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