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Quiz: How Much You Know About Human Excretory System?

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The process by which removal of nitrogenous waste takes place is called excretion and the organ used for it is called excretory organ. The different animal has different modes of excretion. Human being used the ureotelic method for excretion of nitrogenous waste from the body. Human Excretory System consists of these parts kidney, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra. Let's take an awesome quiz about Human Excretory System.

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1. What is the color of the kidney?

15313 Red
15314 Yellow
15315 Blue
15316 Brown

2. What is the position of both kidneys in the human being?

15317 Both kidney are in equal place
15318 Right kidney is placed little higher than left kidney
15319 Left kidney placed little higher than right kidney
15320 None of these

3. Concavity of the kidney is called...

15321 Podocytes
15322 Hilum
15323 Ureter
15324 Hephrons

4. What is the length of the ureter in the human excretory system?

15325 10 cm
15326 25 cm
15327 35 cm
15328 45 cm

5. What is the maximum amount of urine the bladder can hold?

15329 600 ml
15330 1000 ml
15331 100 ml
15332 150 ml

6. Which one has no urinary bladder?

15333 Elepohant
15334 Monkey
15335 Rabbit
15336 Birds

7. What is the difference in the size of the urethra in male and female?

15337 Both have equal size urethra
15338 Size of urethra in female is larger than male
15339 Size of urethra in male is larger than female
15340 None of these

8. What is the other name of the nephrons?

15341 Hilus
15342 Renal tubules
15343 Podocytes
15344 Hilum

9. Bowman's Capsule is a double-walled cup and it is lined by thin flat cells called...

15345 Podocytes
15346 Glomerulus
15347 Hilus
15348 Hilum

10. Bowman's Capsule contains a group of capillaries called...

15349 Hilus
15350 Podocytes
15351 Hilum
15352 Glomerulus

11. The glomerulus in the kidney acts as a...

15353 Siucidal bag
15354 Purifier
15355 Dialysing bag
15356 None of these

12. What is the shape of the Henle's Loop?

15357 V shape segment
15358 W shape segment
15359 U shape segment
15360 O shape segment

13. Which of the following is formed by glomerular filtration, reabsorption, and secretion?

15361 Blood
15362 Sweat
15363 Tear
15364 Urine

14. The color of the urine is pale yellow due to the presence of ...

15365 Hemocyanin pigment
15366 Urochrome pigment
15367 Luciferin pigment
15368 Red pigment

15. What is the amount of daily urine output in the normal adult?

15369 1-1.5 liters
15370 2.3-4.4 liters
15371 1.5-1.8 liters
15372 4-5 liters
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