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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Gonad

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Gonad is an endocrine gland and the main function of gonads is to produce gametes. They also secrete sex hormones and the sex hormones are mostly steroids. There are testes in male and ovaries in females. So take this quiz on the endocrine gland and improve your knowledge about gonads.

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1. Which endocrine gland secretes testosterone hormones?

20790 Ovaries
20791 Corpus luteum
20792 Pineal gland
20793 Testes

2. Which organ is targeted by testosterone hormone?

20794 Mast cell
20795 Uterus
20796 Mammary glands
20797 Liver

3. Which hormone is secreted by ovaries?

20798 Progesterone
20799 Estrogen
20800 Melatonin
20801 Testosterone

4. Which hormone affects the external female characters?

20802 Testosterone
20803 Estrogen
20804 Progesterone
20805 Thymosin

5. Which hormone affects the external male characters?

20806 Progesterone
20807 Estrogen
20808 Testosterone
20809 Melatonin

6. Which endocrine gland secretes progesterone hormone?

20810 Testes
20811 Ovaries
20812 Corpus luetum
20813 None of the above

7. Which hormone affects female secondary sex organs?

20814 Estrogens
20815 Testosterone
20816 Melatonin
20817 Thymosin

8. Corpus luteum targets the....

20818 Uterus
20819 Mammary gland
20820 Both of them
20821 None of them
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