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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Genetic Counselling and Aberrations

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Genetic counselling is the process of evaluating family history and medical records, ordering Genetic test, evaluating the results of investigations, helping parents understand and reach a decision about what to do next. Aberration basically behaviour air action not acceptable. These are the defects in genetic makeup due to change in structure, a number of chromosome an abnormality in genes. Genomic mutations are due to the change in a number of chromosomes. The chromosomal aberrations are due to the change in the morphology of the chromosome. Gene mutations caused by a change in nucleotide. Take this quiz and know more about genetic counselling and aberration.

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1. Is it possible to say when a gene will mutate?

44738 Sometimes
44739 Always
44740 Never
44741 None of these

2. An abnormality not due to the recessive gene is...

44742 Phenylketonuria
44743 Polydactyly
44744 Alkaptonuria
44745 Tay-sach's syndrome

3. Which one of the following is holandric inheritance?

44746 Haemophilia
44747 Epidermolysis
44748 Turner's syndrome
44749 Webbed toes

4. Most of the mutations are...

44750 Recessive
44751 Dominant
44752 Lethal
44753 Spontaneous

5. Which of the following mutations are not hereditary?

44754 Genetic
44755 Somatic
44756 Germinal
44757 Gametic

6. A number of Barr bodies in XXY syndrome is...

44758 1
44759 2
44760 3
44761 4

7. Gene mutation occurs at the time of...

44762 DNA repair
44763 RNA transcription
44764 Cell division
44765 DNA replication

8. Condition of not having exact multiple of the haploid set is...

44766 Aneuploidy
44767 Polyploidy
44768 Synploidy
44769 None of these

9. The frequency of down's syndrome increases when maternal age is...

44770 Below 35
44771 Above 35
44772 At the time of first pregnancy
44773 After wearing three children

10. Replacement of one type of purine with another type is...

44774 Translocation
44775 Transversion
44776 Transition
44777 Insertion

11. In which syndrome of child mewed like a cat?

44778 Patsy's
44779 Edward
44780 Klinefelter
44781 Cry-du-chat

12. The percentage of defective offspring increases during old age pregnancy because of...

44782 Weak body
44783 Ovaries become weak
44784 Oocytes show disjunction
44785 Week placenta
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