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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Endocrine Gland In Vertebrates! How Much You Know About Endocrine Gland In Vertebrates?

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Endocrine glands are ductless gland and their secretion is called hormones. These hormones are transported to the target through blood.They act as chemical messenger that bring about chemical coordination of the variation parts of the body. The chief endocrine glands of vertebrates are: Cranial, Thoracic, Abdominal ans sexual/Gonadal. Pituitary gland is a small gland attached to the hypothalamus by a stalk. It lies in a depression called sella turcica. Thyroid gland is the largest gland , made up of two lobes, connected together by a transverse tissue band called isthmus. Parathyroid gland is located behind the thyroid gland. Pancrease is a heterocrine gland. Adrenal gland is a yellowish, paired gland present on the top of the kidney. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about the endocrine gland in vertebrates.

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1. Which hormone converts glucose to glycogen?

40431 Glucagon
40432 Insulin
40433 Thymosine
40434 Cortisol

2. In dog fish, parathyroid is ....

40435 4 lobed
40436 3 lobed
40437 2 lobed
40438 Absent

3. Which gland in mammals is lying in the sella turcica of skull?

40443 Pineal
40444 Hypothalamus
40445 Pituitary
40446 Adrenal

4. Which of the following produces melanocyte stimulating hormone ?

40447 Anterior pituitary
40448 Intermediate lobe
40449 Posterior pituitary
40450 Adrenal cortex

5. Hormone produced by alpha cells of islet of Langerhans is ....

40451 Insulin
40452 Glucagon
40453 Somatostatin
40454 Secretin

6. Hyposecretion of thyroxine causes...

40455 Goitre
40456 Exopthalmia
40457 Myxoedema
40458 Diabetes mellitus
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