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Ellen Degeneres Quiz Questions and Answers

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Hollywood has seen various celebrities but there are some who embark a footprint on our hearts and our mind. One of these famous and very talented celebrities is Ellen Lee DeGeneres, professionally as well as famously known as Ellen Degeneres. One of the very entertaining, very intellectual and enchanting television host and a comedian too. Not just this, she is also a very amazing actress, producer as well as a writer. We all must be aware of her and must have seen her videos also as she is commendable in her job. Let us now have a look at the very amazing trivia quiz and see how much you know about the very amazing Ellen Degeneres!

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1. What is the birthdate of Ellen DeGeneres?

40479 6 February 1967
40480 26 January 1958
40481 12 August 1965
40482 10 June 1970

2. Which is the favorite TV show of Ellen DeGeneres?

40483 Game Of Thrones
40484 Big Bang Theory
40485 How I Met Your Mother

3. What is the mother's name of Ellen DeGeneres?

40487 Catherine Seth
40488 Emilia Cathedite
40489 Lisa
40490 Betty DeGeneres

4. What is the favorite color of Ellen DeGeneres?

40491 Black
40492 Brown
40493 Blue
40494 Lime

5. When did Ellen DeGeneres was seen in popular starcom Ellen ?

40495 1990
40496 1991
40497 1992
40498 1994

6. What is the favorite timepass of Ellen DeGeneres?

40499 Dancing
40500 Singing
40501 Writing
40502 Reading

7. What is the name of Ellen DeGenerers's syndicated TV show?

40503 The Biz Talk
40504 The Talkiess
40505 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
40506 None of The Above

8. When did Ellen DeGeneres's first talk show launched?

40507 2004
40508 2002
40509 2003
40510 2005

9. When did Ellen DeGeneres became active in her career?

40511 1978
40512 1977
40513 1976
40514 1975

10. What is the lucky number of Ellen DeGeneres?

40515 1
40516 2
40517 3
40518 4

11. What is the height of Ellen DeGeneres?

40519 1.69 meters
40520 1.70 meters
40521 1.71 meters
40522 1.72 meters

12. What is the favorite food of Ellen DeGeneres?

40523 Chinese
40524 Italian
40525 Mexican
40526 Continental

13. What is the name of spouse of Ellen DeGeneres?

40527 Portia De Rossi
40528 Tom Lucci
40529 Robert Frost
40530 Tommy Grey

14. What is the worth of Ellen DeGeneres?

40531 $10 million
40532 $15 million
40533 $20 million
40534 $25 million

15. What religion does Ellen DeGeneres follow?

40535 Hinduism
40536 Buddhism
40537 Muslim
40538 Christianity
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