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Ultimate Science Trivia Quiz On Gravitation for 9th Grade

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1. The value of acceleration due to gravity......

75540 Is same on equator and poles
75541 Is least on pole
75542 Is least on equator
75543 Increase from pole to equator

2. Mass per unit volume is called......

75544 Pressure
75545 Density
75546 Weight
75547 Thrust

3. The force acting on an object perpendicular to the surface is called.....

75548 Pressure
75549 Density
75550 Thrust
75551 Weight

4. The S.I unit of relative density is.....

75552 Cm
75553 M
75554 Pa
75555 Unitless

5. The purity of milk is determined by an instrument called.....

75556 Potentiometer
75557 Lactometer
75558 Hydrometer
75559 Milkometer

6. According to Archimedes's principles, the upward force acting on an object is to be equal to......

75564 Density of object
75565 Density of water
75566 Weight of fluid displaced
75567 Weight of object inside fluid

7. If a body display more fluid than its weight, it will.....

75568 Float above the surface of fluid
75569 Float below the surface of fluid
75570 Sink to the bottom of the fluid
75571 Can be anywhere inside the fluid

8. The force exerted by a fluid in the upward direction is called.....

75572 Pressure
75573 Weight
75574 Buoyant force
75575 None of these

9. The Law of gravitation gives the gravitational force between.....

75580 The earth and a point mass only
75581 The earth and sun only
75582 Two charged bodies only
75583 Any two bodies having some mass

10. The value of quantity G in the law of gravitation.....

75584 Depend on mass of earth only
75585 Depend on both mass and radius of earth
75586 Depend on radius of earth only
75587 Is independent of mass and radius of the earth
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