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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Tropical Cyclone Hurricane

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Tropical cyclones are similar to engines that require hot, humid air as fuel to operate. Hurricane is a type of storm called a "tropical cyclone". Hurricanes are the most powerful and destructive storms in tropical cyclones. Tropical cyclones rotate in a low-pressure weather system formed over tropical or sub-tropical waters. They bring the winds but the vatagras (a boundary separating two different airways of different densities) are not formed. The so-called "hurricane season" in the Caribbean Sea begins from 1 June and ends by 30 November. Although Hurricane can come before and after this deadline.

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1. What are the 2019 hurricane names?

27866 Andrea
27867 Barry
27868 Chantal
27869 All of the above

2. What is the biggest hurricane to hit the US?

27870 Okeechobee Hurricane
27871 San Felipe Segundo Hurricane
27872 Both of above
27873 None of these

3. How many hurricanes have hit the US in 2018?

27874 13
27875 7
27876 2
27877 9

4. How many Category 5 hurricanes have hit the US?

27878 54 Recorded tropical cyclones
27879 24 Recorded tropical cyclones
27880 44 Recorded tropical cyclones
27881 34 Recorded tropical cyclones

5. What is the largest hurricane ever recorded on Earth?

27882 Chantal
27883 Hurricane Patricia
27884 Okeechobee Hurricane
27885 San Felipe Segundo Hurricane

6. What is the weakest hurricane ever?

27886 Andrea
27887 Barry
27888 Storm Marco
27889 Chantal

7. What is the lowest millibar Hurricane?

27890 Hurricane Wilma
27891 Hurricane Katrina
27892 Hurricane Sandy
27893 Hurricane Ike

8. What the maximum speed of a storm is m / h, it is called "hurricane"?

27894 44 m/h
27895 74 m/h
27896 84 m/h
27897 94 m/h

9. The intensity of hurricane is measured by the '____________ scale'.

27898 Saffir-simpson hurricane wind scale
27899 Saffir-sismo hurricane wind scale
27900 Saffir-ecopson hurricane wind scale
27901 Saffir-piropson hurricane wind scale

10. By far the most powerful hurricane of the north-eastern Caribbean island was.....

27902 Ike
27903 Irma
27904 Sandy
27905 Katrina

11. The United Nations has prepared lists of how many names for cyclones coming in each tropical cyclone basin of the world.

27906 06 Names
27907 07 Names
27908 08 Names
27909 09 Names

12. If there are more than 21 storms in any one season, then these storms are named after the Greek alphabet.....

27910 Alpha
27911 Beta
27912 Gamma
27913 All of above
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