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Trivia Quiz On Sociocultural Development Theory Of Lev Vygotsky

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Socio-cultural development theory was given by Lev Vygotsky. He was a Russian psychologist and a social constructivist. According to him, social interaction plays an important role in the development of cognition. He believed that children discover and create meaning from the things that they discover by social interactions.

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1. How did Lev Vygotsky die?

14709 Tuberculosis
14710 Cancer
14711 Typhoid
14712 None of them

2. Which of the following is based on Vygotsky's sociocultural theory?

14713 Operant conditioning
14714 Reciprocal teaching
14715 Cultural neutral cognitive development
14716 Insight learning

3. According to Vygotsky, children learn by...

14717 Maturation
14718 Imitation
14719 Interacting with adult and peers
14720 Reinforcement

4. The term 'private speech' was first used by ...

14721 Kohlberg
14722 Piaget
14723 Erickson
14724 Vygotsky

5. According to Vygotsky, language development is significantly affected by ....

14725 Media
14726 Books
14727 Adult interaction
14728 None of them

6. Zone of Proximal Development refers to ...

14729 Level of development that can be attained with the external support
14730 Level of development that can never be attained with the external support
14731 The level of development attain by the child
14732 All of them

7. Which of the following is a good example of scaffolding?

14733 Providing half solved example
14734 Telling she cannot go home till she solve the problem
14735 Offering a reward
14736 Telling her that she can do it by trying again and again

8. According to Vygotsky why do children speak to themselves?

14737 Children use their speech to attract the attention of the adults
14738 Children are talkative by nature
14739 Children use speech to guide their actions
14740 Children are egocentric

9. What is the full form of MKO in Vygotsky's sociocultural development theory?

14741 More Knowledgeable Other
14742 Meaningful knowledge of Other
14743 Both of them
14744 None of them

10. What is the full form of ZPD in the sociocultural development theory of Vygotsky?

14745 Zone of Permanent Disorder
14746 Zone of Proximal Development
14747 Zone of Permanent Development
14748 None of them
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