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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Friction Force

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When one body tries to move to another body, in response to the applied force, an opposing force called frictional force is produced and works in the opposite direction. Static friction is the type of friction that exists when two objects touch each other in the event of a break. It has a limiting value called Limiting Friction which is the minimum required to move the body from the position of rest. It is equal to a lower force. When the external force F increases, the level comes when the body is just on the verge of moving, at this stage, the force of friction is at its maximum, the limiting house. The amount of corrosion depends on the nature and condition of the polished surface of the two exposed surfaces. As long as the normal reaction remains the same, the amount of friction is independent of the area and size of the exposed surfaces. Friction 'F' Is directly proportional to the normal reaction 'R' between the two surfaces in contact.

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1. Adhesion is the _______________ force resulting when two materials are brought into close contact with each other.

34919 Molecular force
34920 Chemical force
34921 Magnetic force
34922 None of these

2. Which is the causes of Friction?

34923 Resistive force are molecular adhesion
34924 Surface roughness
34925 Deformations
34926 All of above

3. Which of the following are the types of Friction?

34927 Static friction
34928 Sliding friction
34929 Rolling friction
34930 All of above

4. Friction changes the energy of an object from kinetic energy to ________ energy.

34931 Stored
34932 Solar
34933 Heat
34934 All of above

5. In which way, friction can be reduced?

34935 Using a wheel
34936 Using oil
34937 Using grease
34938 All of above

6. The measurement of the amount of friction a surface will generate is called the '__________ of friction'.

34939 Calibration
34940 Coefficient
34941 Smoothness
34942 No anyone of above

7. A bowling ball on a bowling lane is an example of what type of friction?

34943 Static Friction
34944 Dry friction
34945 Rolling friction
34946 Fluid friction

8. A child sliding down the slide at a park is an example of which type of Friction?

34947 Static Friction
34948 Dry friction
34949 Rolling friction
34950 None of these

9. A block sitting still on the side of a ramp is an example of what type of friction?

34951 Static Friction
34952 Rolling friction
34953 Fluid friction
34954 Dry friction

10. When was friction force invented?

34955 In 1483
34956 In 1493
34957 In 1473
34958 In 1403

11. Air resistance on a flying airplane is an example of what type of friction?

34959 Rolling friction
34960 Fluid friction
34961 Dry friction
34962 Static Friction

12. Who invented Friction force?

34963 Newton's
34964 Albert Einstein
34965 Leonardo da Vinci
34966 None of these
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