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Test Your Knowledge About World Trade Organization Trivia Quiz

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The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an organization with reference to the rules of trade between many countries, which not only helps in carrying out many trade activities between them but also in the context of trade programs. It is a global international organization in the context of trade between countries of the world. It executes its business activities through agreements that come to light through the collective signature of these countries. The laws to be implemented in this institution are passed in the MPs of those countries. The basic objective of this institution is to provide many facilities in the context of carrying out business activities, importing goods and services, giving many facilities to importers and exporters, etc. Take this trivia quiz about the World Trade Organization.

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1. Which is the main purpose of the WTO?

34431 To resolve trade disputes
34432 To set and enforce rules for international trade
34433 To provide a forum for negotiating
34434 All of above

2. What is the number of member countries in the World Trade Organisation?

34435 160 member country's
34436 164 member country's
34437 194 member country's
34438 144 member country's

3. Where is WTO Headquarter located?

34439 Washington DC
34440 New York
34441 Geneva
34442 Australia

4. Which of the states don't apply to WTO is given below?

34443 Uruguay round gave the birth to the WTO
34444 WTO is a permanent organisation
34445 Ministerial Conference is the highest policy making body of the WTO
34446 No anyone of above

5. Which country is not a part of the WTO?

34447 Belarus
34448 Algeria
34449 Turkmenistan
34450 All of above

6. The United States of America has been a WTO member since ________..

34451 1 January 1999
34452 1 January 1995
34453 1 January 1948
34454 1 January 1945

7. Which body does not relate to WTO is given below?

34455 Council of trade in goods
34456 Exchange Rate Management Body
34457 Trade Policy Review Body
34458 Dispute Settlement Body

8. Which institution is associated with Dunkel Proposals?

34459 World Trade Organization
34460 International Monetary Fund
34461 World Bank
34462 All of above

9. Which is the official language of the world Trade Organisation?

34463 English Language
34464 French Language
34465 Spanish Language
34466 All of above

10. The WTO officially commenced on 1 January 1995 under the______________ Agreement.

34467 Paris Agreement
34468 Marrakesh Agreement
34469 Vienna Agreement
34470 None of these

11. Who is the first director-general of the World Trade Organisation?

34471 Roberto Azevedo
34472 Peter Sutherland
34473 Antonio Guterres
34474 All of above

12. Roberto Azevêdo is the ____________ Director-General of the WTO.

34475 5th
34476 6th
34477 7th
34478 4th
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