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Test Your Knowledge About World Habitat Day Trivia Quiz

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The UN has been Specified as the World Habitat Day on the first Monday of October every year by the United Nations to deliberate the status of cities and towns and the fundamental right to substantial shelter. In 2019, it was celebrated on this October with the theme - "Marginal Technology as an innovative tool to convert waste into money". World Habitat Day was first announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. Behind this event include providing adequate shelter, water, sanitation, health, other basic services, easy access to good education, employment prospects, etc. Along with this, Housing Day is celebrated to assess the problems of homeless people, the issues of rapidly increasing urbanization and its surroundings and its effects on humans. Check your knowledge about World Habitat Day Trivia Quiz.

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1. In which year was World Habitat Day first celebrated?

34519 In the year 1976
34520 In the year 1996
34521 In the year 1986
34522 In the year 1956

2. World Habitat Day was first announced by the United Nations General Assembly in ________ 1985.

34523 March
34524 December
34525 September
34526 October

3. How many billion people around the world are living in substandard housing?

34527 1.6 billion
34528 1.7 billion
34529 1.8 billion
34530 1.9 billion

4. How many million people worldwide are homeless?

34531 10 million
34532 100 million
34533 200 million
34534 300 million

5. This year, the Global Festival of World Habitat Day was held in ______ City on 7 October.

34535 Mexico City
34536 New York city
34537 Florida City
34538 Denmark

6. Which is the largest suburb in America?

34539 Laval
34540 Quebec
34541 Montreal metro
34542 All of above

7. It sets the global vision of sustainable urbanization for the next ______________ years.

34543 30 years
34544 40 years
34545 20 years
34546 10 years

8. World Habitat Day celebrated in 2018 with the theme of...

34547 Housing Policies:Affordable Housing
34548 Municipal Solid Waste Management
34549 Urban Mobility
34550 Housing at the Centre

9. Who was the chief guest on the 2018 World Habitat day?

34551 HE Uhuru Kenyatta
34552 Jose Eduardo dos Santos
34553 Wim Deetman
34554 Beatriz Zavala Peniche

10. Wim Deetman chief guest on world Habitat day in which year?

34555 In 2006
34556 In 2007
34557 In 2008
34558 In 2010

11. In which year with the theme of "Cities and Climate Change" celebrated World Habitat Day?

34559 In 2010
34560 In 2011
34561 In 2012
34562 In 2013

12. How many times World Habitat Day has been celebrated so far.

34563 50 times
34564 30 times
34565 34 times
34566 24 times
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