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Seven Wonders Of The World Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Seven Wonders Of The World

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As a curious human personality, we all are very excited to know about seven wonders of the world. But some times we get the information & some times we are not able to get the information about that. Ohh do not worry, here you can get the information about all seven wonders of the world, all seven wonders have their own history, geography & cultural value. Now, take this trivia quiz & check yourself, how much you know about Seven Wonders Of The World.

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1. In which country The Roman Colosseum is established?

33691 Italy
33692 Russia
33693 Greece
33694 Spain

2. In which year The Roman Colosseum is built?

33695 60–80 AD
33696 70–80 AD
33697 60–70 AD
33698 50–60 AD

3. How much the Great Wall of China is long?

33699 21,196 kilometers
33700 24,196 kilometers
33701 23,196 kilometers
33702 22,196 kilometers

4. How many years did it take to build the great wall of china?

33703 202 Years
33704 204 Years
33705 203 Years
33706 200 Years

5. In which country Christ the Redeemer Statue is established?

33707 Brazil
33708 Chile
33709 Peru
33710 Paraguay

6. What is the purpose of Christ the Redeemer statue built?

33711 Built as a symbol of Brazilian Muslim
33712 Built as a symbol of Brazilian Christianity
33713 Built as a symbol of Brazilian Hindu
33714 None of the above

7. In which country Machu Picchu located?

33715 Peru
33716 Brazil
33717 Paraguay
33718 Spain

8. What is the official name of Machu Picchu?

33719 Unity Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
33720 Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
33721 Historic Symbol of Machu Picchu
33722 None of the above

9. In which country Chichen Itza located?

33723 Mexico
33724 Japan
33725 Brazil
33726 Russia

10. Why was Chichen Itza created?

33727 The purpose was to serve as a unity center for people in the region
33728 The purpose was to serve as a education center for people in the region
33729 The purpose was to serve as a religious center for people in the region
33730 The purpose was to serve as a health center for people in the region

11. In which country is the Taj Mahal located?

33731 Pakistan
33732 India
33733 Nepal
33734 Bangladesh

12. Who built the Taj Mahal?

33735 Mumtaz Mahal
33736 Jahangir
33737 Aurangzeb
33738 Shah Jahan

13. In which country is Petra located?

33739 Jordan
33740 Israel
33741 Lebanon
33742 Iraq
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