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Test Your Knowledge About Phylum Echinodermata Quiz

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Echinodermata are the first enterocoelous animals and they are exclusively marine. The number of species is approximately 6000. They show the organ system level of the organization. They show radial symmetry in adults and bilateral in the larva. A spiny skinned organism having pedicellariae which keeps the body surface clear of debris by suddenly opening and closing its jaws. Endoskeleton is made up of calcium carbonate ossicles and is mesodermal in origin. They have a water vascular system. Locomotion takes place with tube feet which also helps in capturing food, excretion, and respiration. They are carnivorous and have complete elementary and digestion is extracellular. So take this quiz and check your knowledge about phylum Echinodermata.

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1. Echinodermata are....

35803 Monoecious
35804 Lack sex organs
35805 Dioecious
35806 None of the above

2. What kind of symmetry shows by an adult Echinoderms?

35807 Biradial
35808 Radial
35809 Asymmetry
35810 Spherical

3. Which one is an echinoderm?

35811 Crayfish
35812 Silverfish
35813 Jellyfish
35814 Starfish

4. What is the scientific name of the sea lily?

35815 Asterias
35816 Echinus
35817 Antedon
35818 Holothuria

5. Echinoderms are.....

35819 Ureotelic
35820 Uricotelic
35821 Both of them
35822 Ammonotelic

6. The stone canal of starfish is...

35823 Rounded
35824 Straight
35825 Pentangular
35826 S - shaped

7. Starfish is a...

35827 Carnivorous
35828 Herbivorous
35829 Omnivorous
35830 Sanguivorous

8. Which of the following is present in Mollusca but absent echinoderms?

35831 Excretory organs
35832 Flame cells
35833 Larval stage
35834 Malpighian tubules

9. Echinoderms are exclusively.....

35835 Freshwater
35836 Riverine
35837 Marine
35838 Esturine

10. A box like calcareous test occurs in....

35839 Seastar
35840 Sand dollar
35841 Sea Lily
35842 Sea cucumber
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