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Test Your Knowledge About Optical Fiber Quiz

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The optical fiber is the device through which the light indicator is sent from one place to another without any special decay in its intensity, using the phenomenon of complete internal reflection of light. Optical fiber is a wire made of thin glass or plastic through which information flows in the form of light. These wires are very expensive compared to any other wires. In this, the data travels at a speed of three hundred thousand km. Actually it is of speed light and using it, data is sent so fast. On optical fiber, where the data is received, there is a transmitter. This transmitter resolves electronic pulse information and by processing it Transmits into optical fiber line in the form of the light pulse. It knows your computer understanding and gives you information. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Optical Fiber.

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1. Which of the following are the layers of optical fiber cable?

46494 Cladding
46495 Core
46496 Both of above
46497 None of these

2. Which index allows internal reflection in optical fiber?

46498 Refractive index
46499 Reflective index
46500 Total internal reflection
46501 All of the above

3. On what principle does optical fiber cable work?

46502 Quantum principle
46503 Total internal reflection
46504 Internal refractive
46505 Light wave's

4. Which is the range an SR optic 10GBASE-SR can support on standard multimode fiber?

46506 330 feet
46507 Up to 700 feet
46508 Over 1,000 feet
46509 Up to 40 feet

5. Digital data is sent inside the cable in the form of a light pulse, These are converted to _________ ​​at the receiver end.

46510 Binary values
46511 Decimal values
46512 Optical values
46513 None of these

6. Which of the following are types of optical fiber-based on signal mode?

46514 Single mode
46515 Multi mode
46516 Both of above
46517 No any one of these

7. Which is the standard unit of measurement for optics’ receive light levels?

46518 Volts
46519 Lumens
46520 Decibels
46521 Gigabytes

8. Which color is most commonly used to indicate a regular multimode optical fiber?

46522 Orange
46523 Aqua
46524 Black
46525 Yellow

9. The fiber consists of a core surrounded by a cladding layer, both of which are made of ____________ materials.

46526 Mono electric material
46527 Dielectric material
46528 Hexa electric material
46529 Octa material

10. Which are the characteristics of Optical Fibre?

46530 It is not affected by EMI or RFI
46531 It typically contains 4 pairs of fiber-optic wires
46532 It is more expensive than UTP cabling
46533 All of the above

11. In which field Optical Fibre is widely used?

46534 Medical
46535 Broadcasting
46536 Communication
46537 All of the above

12. Who is known as father of fiber optics?

46538 Vinod Dham
46539 Narinder Singh Kapany
46540 Ajay Bhatt
46541 Sabeer Bhatia
Let’s start the quiz

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