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Test Your Knowledge About Ancient India Quiz

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Indian History is the oldest history of the world, according to Indian mythology epic "Mahabharata" India's first name was Bharat. The India name is taken by Indus River. India is located in the south of the Asian continent. Let's take this quiz & know more about Ancient India. All the best.

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1. Which was the first metal used by man?

55930 Bronze
55931 Copper
55932 Silver
55933 Brass

2. When the first metal tool came into being it was used for?

55934 House building
55935 Pot making
55936 Clearing jungles
55937 Making wheels

3. The greatest invention of man in paleolithic age was.....

55938 Spinning of cloth
55939 Metal implements
55940 Potter's wheel
55941 Fire

4. The famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavations of Harappa was made up of......

55942 Terracotta
55943 Bronze
55944 Silver
55945 Red limestone

5. Mohenjo-Daro is also known as.......

55946 Mound of the Great
55947 Mound of the survivor
55948 Mound of the living
55949 Mound of the Dead

6. Upanishads also is known as the Vedanta, are........ In number.

55950 96
55951 105
55952 108
55953 114

7. Which one is the oldest Veda?

55954 Sama Veda
55955 Atharva Veda
55956 Yajur Veda
55957 Rig Veda

8. Which of the following kingdoms is not mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata?

55958 Panchala
55959 Kashi
55960 Kaushambi
55961 Magadha

9. The fourth Buddhist council was held by......

55962 Ashoka
55963 Kanishka
55964 Chandragupta
55965 Harshavardhana

10. Who among the following rulers held a religious assembly at Prayag every five years?

55966 Ashoka
55967 Kanishka
55968 Harshavardhana
55969 Chandragupt Vikramaditya

11. With which religion kaivalya associated?

55970 Jainism
55971 Buddhism
55972 Hinduism
55973 Sikhism

12. The great Hindu lawgiver was......

55974 Kapil
55975 Banabhatta
55976 Kautilya
55977 Manu
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