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Stardew Valley Who Should I Marry Quiz

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We're very excited to know who is destining to meet. It's a fun ride to see butterflies in your stomach; The purpose of Stardew Valley is to find the best match. You are still finding a bachelor, but your man/woman is still far from you. Well, take this random quiz, based on Stardew and know your partner's character.

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1. How much time do you spen alone every week?

51666 Depends how am I feeling
51667 I can't be alone any day
51668 I spend most of the time with friends & family
51669 I spend 90% of my time alone

2. How is your ideal home?

51670 A large one
51671 A beach house
51672 I'm happy with the one I live in
51673 A small cosy apartment

3. How do you spend your spare time?

51674 Listen music
51675 Watch TV or movie
51676 Partying with friends
51677 Long drive with partner

4. What are you as a professional?

51678 Doctor
51679 Writer
51680 Engineer
51681 I don't work

5. Which is the desired trait in your partner?

51682 Compassion
51683 Ambition
51684 Humor
51685 Intellect

6. Given the choice what would you like to produce on your farm?

51686 Cotton
51687 Strawberries
51688 Grapes
51689 Flowers

7. Which animal do you want to domesticity?

51690 Dog
51691 Cat
51692 Horse
51693 Cow

8. What is the best feature in your ideal partner?

51694 Eyes
51695 Abs
51696 Lips
51697 Hair

9. How were you classified as during your school?

51698 Nerd
51699 EMO
51700 Artsy
51701 Skater

10. What would you take along when stranded on an island?

51702 Comic Book
51703 Art & Craft supplies
51704 My pet
51705 My gaming equipment
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