South Park Character Quiz: What South Park Character Are You?

Questions : 10 | Total Attempts: 2638 | Recent Updated: 30-May-2021
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South Park is a fantastic American comedy and misadventure show that has a large following. The show's storylines totally immerse the audience in them. Here's a fun quiz for you. To figure out which South Park character you are, take this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these is your favorite animated movie?

A. Rango

B. Adventure of Tin-tin

C. Smurfs

D. Despicable Me

2. Which of the Adventure excites you the most?

A. Trekking

B. Paragliding

C. Bungee jumping

D. Sky diving

3. What is your one bad habit?

A. Can’t handle money

B. Can’t handle relationships

C. Can’t be consistent

D. Get angry quite often

4. What kind of person are you?

A. Intellectual

B. Creative

C. Boring

D. Humorous

5. One thing you still haven’t mastered?

A. Driving

B. Communicating

C. Public Speaking

D. Investing

6. What kind of books would you prefer reading?

A. Self-development

B. Finance related

C. Story books

D. I hate books

7. What kind of people do you love living with?

A. Those who are humorous

B. Those who are wealthy

C. Those who have a growth mindset

D. Those who are quite similar to me

8. Which of these is true about you?

A. I m good at giving advice but not implementing them when it comes to myself

B. I get quite puzzled at many stages of life

C. I love irritating people

D. I’m really a hard-working dude

9. Which South Park character is your favorite?

A. Eric Cartman

B. Stan Marsh

C. Token Black

D. Chef

10. How’s your life according to you?

A. Boring

B. Exciting

C. Full of Troubles

D. Descent

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