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Respiration In Organisms Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade Students

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The movement of oxygen from the outside the environment to the cells within tissues and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction is called respiration. Basically, it is an exchange of gases. Respiration is a biochemical procedure that occurs within the cells of organisms. In this procedure, the energy ATP-Adenosine triphosphate is produced by the dissolution of glucose which is further used by cells to perform various functions. Every living species from a single-celled organism to dominant multicellular organisms perform respiration. Let's explore more about Respiration In Organisms For 7th Grade Students.

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1. Which of the following organism that respires by the tracheal system?

117660 Cockroach
117661 Earthworm
117662 Butterfly
117663 Mosquito

2. Gills are respiratory organs in ...

117664 Earthworm
117665 Amoeba
117666 Cockroach
117667 Fish

3. During the process of exhalation, the ribs move....

117668 Up and inwards
117669 Down and outwards
117670 Down and inwards
117671 Up and outwards

4. Amoeba breathes through its....

117672 Lenticels
117673 Stomata
117674 Gills
117675 Cell membrane

5. Breathing is a ....

117676 Chemical process
117677 Biological process
117678 Physics process
117679 None of these

6. Respiration in plants takes place through ...

117680 Stomata
117681 Lenticels
117682 Stomata & Lenticels
117683 None of these

7. Which of the following living organisms breathes through its skin?

117684 Frog
117685 Earthworms
117686 Both of these
117687 None of these

8. Birds have ________ for respiration.

117688 Air bladder
117689 Lungs
117690 Skin
117691 Gills

9. Plants intake _______ gas during respiration.

117692 Nitrogen
117693 Water vapour
117694 Oxygen
117695 Carbon dioxide

10. Breaking down of food without using oxygen is called ...

117696 Dehydration
117697 Aerobic respiration
117698 Anaerobic respiration
117699 Decomposition

11. The process of cell respiration is carried out by ....

117700 Mitochondria
117701 Chloroplast
117702 Nucleus
117703 None of the above
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