Quiz: What Kind of Story Should You Write?

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Stories are liked by all age people. The type of story you like says much about your personality. It is the fiction or fantasy that ruled your mind since childhood. Have you fantasized about yourself as a superhero of your favorite story? Do you see yourself flying and fighting the evil or romancing your princess? Attempt the following 10 questions of the fun quiz to know which your favorite type of story is.

Questions Excerpt

1. 1. What would you do if you are left in an abandoned surrounded by old buildings?

A. Explore to find more about the place & its people

B. Wander and enjoy everything

C. Wonder about the place & search for someone to ask where I am

D. Try to find a way to go back

2. As a student whose subject were you most interested in?

A. Maths

B. English

C. History

D. Geography

3. What kind of stories did your Grandma use to tell?

A. King and queen type

B. Fairytales

C. True stories of fighters

D. Anything related to the history

4. What type of stories did attracted questions from you?

A. Historic tales

B. Freedom fighter stories

C. I didn’t ask reverse questions

D. King and queen tales

5. What appeals to you the most?

A. An ocean

B. Travel and adventure

C. New inventions & Discoveries

D. An exciting encounter

6. Which is your all-time favorite movie?

A. Titanic

B. Jurassic Park

C. Dr. Do-little

D. Avengers

7. How do you consider yourself?

A. Realistic

B. Optimist

C. Pessimist

D. Idealistic

8. What thought stresses you?

A. Losing loved ones

B. Disease

C. Isolation

D. Shame

9. What quality do you look for in the main character of the story?

A. Wit

B. Passion

C. Loyalty

D. Adventurous

10. What would you carry with you when you are on a casual night out at a friend’s place?

A. Your collection of video CDs

B. Your latest comics

C. The latest issue of current affair magazine

D. Video games

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