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Quiz: What Guitar Should I Buy?

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Are you thinking about starting your band? Or are you aspiring to be a soulful singer just like Shawn Mendes? The guitar is one of the most popular instruments because of its delightful tunes. Moreover, it is also easy to learn for a beginner. So, are you wondering what type of guitar you should buy? Take the quiz to find out what matches perfectly with your needs.

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1. Can you play the guitar?

126289 I want to learn someday
126290 I can play simple tunes
126291 I’m quite good at it
126292 I’m a pro

2. What type of music do you want to play?

126293 Country music
126294 Latin music
126295 Heavy metal
126296 Jazz

3. What is your ideal budget?

126297 $200
126298 $400
126299 $800
126300 Above $1200

4. Are you planning to be a singer or a guitarist?

126301 Singer
126302 Guitarist
126303 Both
126304 Not sure

5. Where are you willing to perform?

126305 YouTube Live
126306 In a small gathering with friends
126307 In a big concert
126308 In my school

6. Who is your musical inspiration?

126309 Jimmy Page
126310 Jimi Hendrix
126311 Eric Clapton
126312 Eddie Van Halen

7. What are you looking for the most in the guitar?

126313 Affordable
126314 Sleek
126315 Loudness
126316 Sturdy

8. What are you looking for the least in a guitar?

126317 Appearance
126318 String quality
126319 Wooden quality
126320 Weight

9. How passionate are you about playing?

126325 It’s my hobby
126326 It’s my passion
126327 Just trying something new
126328 Not much

10. How do you mostly handle instruments?

126329 Carefully
126330 Mostly careful
126331 Roughly
126332 Very roughly
Let’s start the quiz

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