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Ramayana Indian Epic Quiz: How Much You Know About Ramayana Indian Epic?

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Questions & Options

1. Lakshmana is considered to be the incarnation of whom?

139551 Lord Brahma
139552 Sheshnag
139553 Lord Vishnu
139554 Lord Shiva

2. Who had composed the original Ramayana?

139555 Rishi Valmiki
139556 Tulsi Das
139557 Sant Ek Nath
139558 Anhin Anda

3. Which of the following statement are true for Gayatri Mantra?

139559 That comes from after every 1000 verses of Ramayana.
139560 The Gayatri Mantra consists of 20 letters.
139561 Both of above are correct
139562 None of these

4. What was the name of the forest where Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Goddess Sita stayed during exile?

139563 Aruna
139564 Aranyaka Ni
139565 Dandakaranya
139566 Karanya

5. Ravana was a devotee of who among the following God?

139567 Shiva
139568 Vishnu
139569 Brahma
139570 None of the above

6. What was the name of Lord Rama's father?

139571 Shalishuka
139572 Nahapana
139573 Rajadhiraj
139574 Dasaratha

7. Who has written Bhavartha Ramayana?

139575 Madhava Kandali
139576 Eknath
139577 Krittibas
139578 Buddha Reddy

8. Which of the following are the parts of Ramcharitmanas?

139579 Bal Kanda
139580 Aranya Kanda
139581 Kiskindha Kanda
139582 All the above are correct

9. What was the name of a bow that was used by Lord Rama in Goddess Sita swayamvar to marry her?

139583 Pinaka
139584 Pindaka
139585 Anandaka
139586 Rulapand

10. Which of the following is/are the versions of the Ramayana that have emerged outside India?

139587 Cambodia - Reamker
139588 Thailand - Ramakien
139589 Burma -Mayanmar
139590 All the above are correct
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