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Quiz: How Do You Make Amends in Your Relationship?

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In human life, we all have a hard time once in our relationship. Sometimes, we feel happy, unhappy, cool, anger, sad & sometimes we did mistakes unknowingly. But do you think, how we have to tackle this difficult time? Do you communicate with your partner or say sorry when you did anything wrong with each other? Let's take how do you make amends in your relationship & get some awesome results.

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1. What is the issue to continue your relationship?

131913 No communication with your partner
131914 No kind for your partner
131915 No spent time with each other
131916 You do not want your relationship

2. How many times did you fight with your partner in the last few months?

131917 No idea but 10 times in the last few months
131918 I think more than 6 times
131919 I do not believe in the fight but yes had 2 times
131920 Everything is running fine

3. When you had fought with your partner then who come to 1st to talk?

131921 Always you
131922 Maximum time your partner
131923 Whatever I remember both of us try to fix the issue
131924 No need to talk

4. After how many days you both behave normally after a fight?

131925 Around after one week
131926 After a few days
131927 A few hours
131928 This is going to a long time but around not more than a month

5. How you communicate with your partner after a fight?

131929 Communicate over the mobile
131930 Sharing gift with each other
131931 Communicate over social media
131932 Communicate by physical touch

6. Fighting with your partner is helpful for future relationships?

131933 Fighting is never helpful
131934 Feel cool after the fight
131935 Sometimes fight ended without a result
131936 It depends on how you are fighting

7. What is your opinion about fighting with your partner?

131937 Fighting is not a solution
131938 After the fight feels relaxed
131939 Fighting shows your love
131940 No comment

8. What do you feel after a fight with your partner?

131941 Sometimes feel happy
131942 Maybe feel more love with each other
131943 Sometimes feel sad
131944 I think feel curious

9. How many times go out for the movie?

131945 2-3 times in a month
131946 1-2 times in a month
131947 1 time in a month
131948 Never went to a movie

10. Do you like to go on vacation?

131949 Yes but sometimes
131950 Yes, but for the very short trip
131951 My partner does not like a vacation
131952 No comment
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