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Profit And Loss Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

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Profit and loss is an important topic in mathematics and it is useful in business also. The price at which goods are bought is called the cost price of the product. When the selling price is more than the cost price then the trader makes a profit which is equal to SP - CP.(selling price & cost price). So take this quiz and know more about profit and loss.

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1. A tradesman gives a 4% discount on the marks price and gives one article free for buying every 15 articles and thus gains 35% the market price is above the cost price by?

80761 20%
80762 39%
80763 40%
80764 50%

2. A shopkeeper fixed the marked price of an item 35% above its cost price the percentage of discount allowed to gain 8% is?

80765 20%
80766 27%
80767 31%
80768 43%

3. Mohan got 30% concession on the labeled price of an article and sold it for Rs.8750 with a 25% profit on the price he bought. What was the labeled price?

80769 12000
80770 16000
80771 20000
80772 10000

4. Varsha buys an article at a discount of 25% at what percentage above the cost price should he shall it to make a profit of 25% over the original list price?

80773 25
80774 30
80775 40
80776 66.67

5. Pankaj bought a suitcase with a 15% discount on the labeled price. He sold the suitcase for Rs.2850 with a 20% profit on the labeled price. At what price did he buy the suitcase?

80777 2400
80778 2040
80779 2640
80780 2604

6. Rohan buys 4 horses and 9 cows for Rs.13400.if he sells the horses at 10% profit and the cows 20% profit then he earns a total profit of Rs.1880 the cost of horses is?

80781 1000
80782 2500
80783 3000
80784 2000

7. A bag marked at Rs.80 is sold for Rs.68.the rate of discount is....

80785 7%
80786 9%
80787 12%
80788 15%

8. A pair of articles who bought for Rs.37.40 at a discount of 15%.what must be the marked price of each of the articles?

80789 6
80790 11
80791 33
80792 22

9. A product when sold with a 10% rebate on the listed price gave a profit of Rs.70 what was its cost price?

80793 100
80794 300
80795 750
80796 Cannot be determined

10. The difference between the cost price and sale price of an article is Rs.240.if the profit is 20% the selling price is?

80797 1,000
80798 1400
80799 1650
80800 None of these
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