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Plants Vs Zombies Quiz- How Much You Know About Plants Vs Zombies?

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1. To buy plants, what do you have to collect?

175559 Suns
175560 Moons
175561 Frisbee
175562 Teeth

2. Which famous Monty Python comedy sketch inspired the inscriptions on the gravestones in the game?

175563 Ministry of Silly Walks
175564 The Dead Parrot Sketch
175565 The Spanish Inquisition
175566 The Lumberjack Song

3. In the Zen Garden, what do the players do?

175567 Pull down their pants and suffocate the ants
175568 Make mountains out of molehills
175569 Harvest corn
175570 Care for plants they have purchased

4. The song sung by sunflower is:

175571 Karma Police
175572 Potholes In My Lawn
175573 Zombies On Your Lawn
175574 Zombie

5. _________ publisher created a comic book tie-in to the game.

175575 Marvel Comics
175576 Dark Horse Comics
175577 DC Comics
175578 Atomic Comics

6. What do we call Crazy Dave’s shop?

175579 Crazy Dave's Crematorium Emporium
175580 Crazy Dave's Lousy T-Shirt Outlet
175581 Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies
175582 Crazy Dave's Jelly Deli

7. Which equipment will you use to stop Zombies if they get through your plants?

175583 Pitchfork
175584 Hose
175585 Lawnmower
175586 Rake

8. Which of the song is NOT from Plants vs Zombies?

175587 Loonboon
175588 Brainiac Maniac
175589 Ultimate Battle
175590 Hey Jude

9. If the zombies have gotten through all of your defenses in a column and enter your house. What will happen next?

175591 They eat your brains; game over
175592 They steal all your food; game over
175593 Nothing
175594 You win the game!

10. The final boss of the game is:

175595 Bossbie
175596 Dr. Zomboss
175597 Zombie king
175598 Zomb-bomb

11. There is a special dancing zombie that "resurrects" back-up dancers and they all dance their way to your house. Who did this zombie originally resemble?

175599 Usher
175600 Elvis Presley
175601 Micheal Jackson
175602 Shakira

12. Which plant is strictly a nighttime plant?

175603 Flowerpot
175604 Snow pea
175605 Sunflower
175606 Sun-shroom
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