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Quiz: How Much You Know About Nationalism In India?

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When the First World war Broke in 1919 in Europe had far-reaching consequences in the entire world. It was actually could have said to ignite the fight for the India Independence. So take this quiz and know about nationalism in India.

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1. Why did Gandhiji organize Satyagraha in 1917 in the Kheda district of Gujarat?

77908 To support the plantation
77909 To protect against high revenue demand
77910 To support the mill workers to fulfill their demand
77911 To demand loans for the farmer

2. Why was Satyagraha organized in Champaran in 1916?

77912 To oppose the British
77913 To oppose the plantation system
77914 To oppose high land revenue
77915 To protect against the oppression of the mil workers

3. Why was the Simon commission sent to India?

77916 To choose members of Indian council
77917 To settle disputes between the government
77918 To set up a government organisation
77919 To look into the Indian constitutional matter and suggest reform

4. Who among the following, two leaders led the khilafat movement?

77920 Shaukhat Ali and Muhammad Ali
77921 Gandhiji and Sardar Patel
77922 Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Abul kalam azad
77923 None of these

5. What kind of Movement was launched by the tribal peasants of Gudem hills in Andhra Pradesh?

77924 Satyagraha movement
77925 Militant Guerrilla Movement
77926 Non-Violent movement
77927 None of the above

6. Who were the Sanatanis?

77928 Saints
77929 Dalits
77930 Labours
77931 High caste Hindus

7. The main problem with the Simmon Commission was that....

77932 It was formed in Britian
77933 It was formed in Europe
77934 It was an all British commission
77935 It supported the Muslim league

8. Hind Swaraj was written by....

77936 Abul Kalam Azad
77937 Mahatma Gandhi
77938 Sardar patel
77939 Subhas chandra bose

9. Why did the Indians oppose the Rowlatt Act.?

77940 It introduced the Salt Law
77941 It increased taxes on land
77942 It gave the British the power to arrest and detain a person without a trail
77943 It put a ban on the congress party

10. The resolution of Puma Swaraj was adopted at which session?

77944 Karachi congress
77945 Haripur congress
77946 Lucknow congress
77947 Lahore congress

11. Which one of the following viceroys announced a vague offer of dominion status for India in October 1929?

77948 Lord Mount batten
77949 Lord Dalhouise
77950 Lord Irwin
77951 None of these
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