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The mountain or mountain is a naturally elevated part of the earth. It emerges mostly in a casual way. The mountains are mostly in a continuous group. When there is a fault in the rocks, the middle part gets sunk down and the adjacent sides rise up, then those blocks are called mountains. The sunken section in the middle is called Rift Valley. The top-level and the sides of these mountains are limited by sharp fault-lines. On analyzing the outer surface of the earth from its center, it is found that the outer surface has a thick layer of solid silicate followed by a thick fluid layer then the liquid fluid layer and finally the central part is formed by solid material. There is no valid method for the structure of the mountains. It is also not known how long it takes to construct the mountain. In the womb of the earth, many forces play the main role in the construction of mountains. It takes a long time to form a mountain. Let's take a awesome quiz on Mountain.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of the following is the youngest mountain range in India?

A. Karakoram

B. Satpura

C. Himalaya

D. All of above

2. Which is the western point of the Himalayas?

A. K2

B. Nanga Parbat

C. Namcha Barwa

D. None of these

3. Which are the most photographed mountains in the United States?

A. Mount Shasta, California

B. Maroon Bells, Colorado

C. Mt. Rainier, Washington

D. All of the above

4. Which states have no mountains range?

A. Rhode Island

B. Florida

C. Delaware

D. All of above

5. Which the flattest state in the United State?

A. Florida

B. Louisiana

C. Delaware

D. None of the above

6. Which are the major mountain ranges in America?

A. Appalachian Mountains

B. Rocky Mountains

C. Sierra Nevada

D. All of the above

7. How many tallest mountains range are in the USA?

A. 07 Tallest mountains range

B. 08 Tallest mountains range

C. 10 Tallest mountains range

D. 20 Tallest mountains range

8. Which is the tallest mountain in worldwide?

A. Mount Fuji

B. Mount Kilimanjaro

C. Mount Everest

D. No anyone of the above

9. Most of mountains are formed by the movement of _____________.

A. The Moon

B. The ocean

C. Tectonic plates

D. All of above

10. Which type of mountains are formed when magma erupts all the way to the surface of the Earth?

A. Fold mountains

B. Volcanoes

C. Dome mountains

D. Fault-block mountains

11. Which type of mountains are formed when 2 tectonic plates collide?

A. Fault-block mountains

B. Volcanoes

C. Fold mountains

D. None of these

12. Which is the 'Side' of a mountain called?

A. Crag

B. Pass

C. Peak

D. Slope


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