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Motion And Time Quiz For 7th Grade students

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We usually see many things in our daily life, in which some objects are in motion and some things are in a rest state. Any object in motion when an object changes its position over time. According to physics, the definition of time, time is what a clock reads. In the present time, it has become very easy to find the time, but in ancient times, time was detected using natural phenomena. For example, the sun rises every morning, then, the time between one sunrise and the next was known as one day. Similarly, the time from one full moon to the next full moon was called a month. So let's start this quiz and collect some important questions on Motion And Time.

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1. A car travels with a uniform speed of 30 km/h. What would be the time taken by the car to travel a distance of 300 km?

113972 20 Hours
113973 10 Hours
113974 30 Hours
113975 03 Hours

2. What is the formula of Average speed?

113976 Total distance/ Total time
113977 Total Speed /Total Time
113978 Total motion/Total Time
113979 Total Time /Total speed

3. A boy has to cover 20 km in 2 h, then what should be the speed of that car?

113980 20m/h
113981 20km/h
113982 10km/h
113983 10m/h

4. What is the SI unit of speed?

113984 m/s
113985 Cm/s
113986 Km/s
113987 m/h

5. What is the name of the meter, which is used to measure the distance moved by the vehicle?

113988 Ammeter
113989 Odometer
113990 Speedometer
113991 Chronometer

6. Which of the following formula is correct?

113992 Speed = Distance x Time
113993 Speed = Distance/Time
113994 Speed = Time/Distance
113995 None of these

7. Who was the inventor of the pendulum clock?

113996 Archimedes
113997 Josip Belusic
113998 Christiaan Huygens
113999 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

8. Which of the following is the SI unit of distance?

114000 Meter(m)
114001 Centimeter
114002 Hour(h)
114003 Second (s)

9. Which of the following devices was invented by the Greeks to measure the time at night?

114004 Digital Clock
114005 Analog Clock
114006 Water Clock
114007 Soil Clock

10. Tommy takes 10 minutes to reach his office from his house. The distance of his office from the house in 1.2 km. What is his speed during this journey?

114008 2 m/s
114009 2 cm/s
114010 2 km/s
114011 2km/h

11. How many types of basic motion?

114012 One
114013 Five
114014 Nine
114015 Four

12. Which of the following examples is the correct example of rectilinear motion?

114016 Simple pendulum
114017 Movement of Earth around the sun
114018 A car moving on a straight road
114019 Motion of the hands of a clock

13. What is the name of the device which is used to measure speed?

114020 Ammeter
114021 Odometer
114022 Speedometer
114023 None of these
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