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Quiz: How Well You Know About Amrish Puri Bollywood Actor?

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Amrish Lal puri called Amrish Puri was an Indian actor in Bollywood who appeared primarily in negative roles in Bollywood movies. His most remembered roles are Mogambo in Mr. India and Mola Ram in the Temple of Doom. Amresh puri was one of the most successful villains in Bollywood. So take this and know more about Amrish Puri.

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1. When Amrish puri was born?

83737 22 June 1932
83738 12 June 1936
83739 22 July 1937
83740 17 April 1932

2. Which is the first movie of Amrish puri?

83741 Manthan
83742 Prem pujari
83743 Purab ki Laila
83744 None of these

3. Which was the last movie of Amrish puri?

83745 Prem pujari
83746 Magambo
83747 Kaadu
83748 Hello India

4. How did Amrish puri die?

83749 Stroke
83750 Cancer
83751 Heart attack
83752 None of these

5. What is the name of Amrish puri's wife?

83753 Urmila Puri
83754 Urmila Diveker
83755 Urmila Amrish puri
83756 Sharmila Diveker Amrish

6. When was Amrish puri honored with the Sangeet Natak Akademi award for theatre?

83757 1979
83758 1982
83759 1985
83760 1990

7. When was Amrish puri honored with film fare best-supporting actor award for movie Virasat?

83761 1992
83762 1996
83763 1998
83764 2000

8. When Amrish puri died?

83765 15 January 2005
83766 14 February 2007
83767 12 January 2005
83768 18 April 2008
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