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How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend Quiz

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Boyfriends are the one we confess our feeling and emotions more freely than no one else. They just need our affection and genuine companionship to get the most throughout everyday life. Do you have a closest companion whom you share your great and terrible encounters and can't make a move without educating and trust you know all regarding them? If yes then take this quiz and will see how much you know your boyfriend so far.

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1. How frequently do you call or chat on the telephone?

23518 At least a couple of times in a week!
23519 Consistently every day
23520 A multiple times each month
23521 Thrice in a day

2. When did you last surprise your boyfriend?

23522 Last week!
23523 Yesterday!
23524 Um, a month or all the more back
23525 Never

3. How frequently do you give each other presents?

23526 In every event
23527 As much as might be expected under the situation!
23528 On extraordinary events
23529 Never

4. To what extent have you known each other?

23530 For a year or two...
23531 Since I was born! All things considered, close enough
23532 A while now! Around five years?
23533 Less than a half year

5. Do you know his birthday?

23534 The specific time as well!
23535 Of course, all, the year, month and day!
23536 I know the month
23537 No

6. Do you wish they were with you at this moment?

23538 Yes
23539 They are here!
23540 Wouldn't fret their organization!
23541 Actually no

7. Things being what they are, how often do you have sleepovers?

23542 They've just been around my home a couple of times!
23543 Everyday
23544 A couple of times each year!
23545 Never

8. Do you know your boyfriend favorite dish?

23546 Yes
23547 No
23548 Kind off
23549 I don’t care

9. Do you think you know him better?

23550 Yes
23551 I trust so
23552 Actually No
23553 Don't know

10. Have you ever cheated on him?

23554 Not at all
23555 Somehow yes
23556 Always
23557 I don’t want to
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