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Quiz: Are You A Big Fan Of BTS?

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Do you like to hear more about music? Do you also believe that music is essential to calm yourself down and lift your mood? Are you also a big music lover? If yes, then you won't definitely be missing out on BTS, one of the finest B Boy band? Do you think you know much about the members, the band as well as their music? Do you think you can score well in the knowledge of the finest music band? If yes, then you should definitely try out this very interesting quiz and see How Well Do You Know BTS? Try it out and score your level best in this quiz!

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1. When was the band formed?

116756 2010
116757 2005
116758 2000
116759 2013

2. How many members does the band have?

116760 8
116761 6
116762 7
116763 5

3. What is BTS also known as?

116764 Brighter Boys
116765 Bangtan Boys
116766 Bouncy Boys
116767 Beyond Boys

4. Where did the band have its origin?

116768 Korea
116769 China
116770 Japan
116771 Russia

5. What is the full form of BTS?

116772 Beneath The Sky
116773 Beyond The Stage
116774 Beyond The Scene
116775 Bulletproof Boy Scouts

6. Name the company from which BTS belongs?

116776 Chilly Entertainment
116777 JYP Entertainment
116778 Big Hit Entertainment
116779 YG Entertainment

7. Who is the oldest member of the group?

116780 RM
116781 Jin
116782 Suga
116783 J Hope

8. Which 2 members were born in Busan?

116784 Jimin and Jungbook
116785 J Hope and Jungbook
116786 Jimin and V
116787 V and RM

9. Which member of the band owns a dog named Mickey?

116788 Jim
116789 Jungbook
116790 V
116791 J hope

10. Whom did BTS collab with for the remix of Mic Drop?

116792 Harsley
116793 Steve Aoki
116794 Zedd
116795 Drake

11. Which album is Single DNA from?

116796 Love Yourself: Her
116797 Love Yourself: Tear
116798 Wings
116799 The most beautiful moment in my life

12. Which member is not a part of dance line?

116800 V
116801 Jungbook
116802 Suga
116803 J Hope
Let’s start the quiz

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