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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Andrew Garfield?

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1. For which movie Andrew Garfield was nominated for Academy Award?

216375 Winging It
216376 Hawksaw Ridge
216377 Black Panther
216378 Breathe

2. What is the name of Andrew's debut film?

216379 Avengers
216380 Lion For Lambs
216381 The Social Network
216382 Amazing Spiderman

3. Which character was portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-Man series?

216383 Ben Parker
216384 George Stacy
216385 Richard Parker
216386 Peter Parker

4. How many times was Andrew Garfield nominated for the British Academy Film Awards?

216387 Ten times
216388 Four times
216389 Five times
216390 Seven times

5. Which movie bought Andrew Garfield the nomination for Golden Globe Award?

216391 99 Homes
216392 Breath
216393 The Social Network
216394 Never Let Me Go

6. Who was Andrew Garfield co-star in the movie Never Let Me Go?

216395 Tom Baker
216396 Colin Baker
216397 Keira Knightley
216398 Lupita Nyong'o

7. Which of the following American television show was hosted by Andrew Garfield?

216399 Conan
216400 The Daily Show
216401 After After Party
216402 Saturday Night Live

8. Who was the writer of Andrew Garfield's play Death of a Salesman?

216403 Brad Pitt
216404 Tom Cruise
216405 Arthur Miller
216406 Leonardo DiCaprio

9. What award did Andrew Garfield receive for the movie Never Let Me Go?

216407 Best Actor
216408 Saturn Award
216409 Mercury Award
216410 British Independent Film Award

10. In what movie did Andrew Garfield play as Eduardo Saverin?

216411 I'm Here
216412 99 Homes
216413 Lions for Lambs
216414 The Social Network

11. At what age did Andrew get his first TV role?

216415 Age of ten
216416 Age of five
216417 Age of nineteen
216418 Age of twenty

12. How many times was Andrew Garfield nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

216419 Five times
216420 Two times
216421 Three times
216422 Ten times
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