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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Quiz

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When it comes to confess your feelings for any guy it becomes very difficult for a girl to express her feeling to him as she is surrounded by multiple thoughts and foundation. She is unable to understand how to tell a guy that she likes him as girls also fear to get rejected or think what the guy would think about her or if anyone else got to know then what will they think.

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1. What type of nature is yours?

55890 Bold
55891 Shy
55892 Confident
55893 Hesitating

2. What do you feel what you cannot accept?

55894 Rejection
55895 Reaction
55896 Never thought
55897 Can accept anything

3. According to you what is the best way to tell a guy that you like him?

55898 Directly
55899 Indirectly
55900 Secretly
55901 Through third person

4. Do you believe in sharing your feelings/secrets with someone?

55902 Yes
55903 No
55904 Sometimes
55905 Depends over the priority

5. In which phase of your life you are?

55906 School
55907 College
55908 Office
55909 None of the above

6. Did you ever fall in for someone?

55910 Yes
55911 No
55912 Usually it happens
55913 No Idea

7. What is your emotional state of mind?

55914 Sensitive
55915 Very Emotional
55916 Bold
55917 Differ person to person

8. What you are more among the following?

55918 Practical
55919 Logical
55920 Emotional
55921 All of the above

9. What can be considered as your priority?

55922 Feelings
55923 Money
55924 Both
55925 Not exactly sure

10. What you feel is most important for any bond or relationship?

55926 Trust
55927 Undesrtanding
55928 Emotions
55929 All of the above
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