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How Petty Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. If someone teases you do you hold grudges?

84321 A bad experience is not easy to forget
84322 I hold grudges till I didn’t take revenge
84323 I don’t hold grudges
84324 I hold grudges against unforgivable errors

2. If you have any argument over messenger do you save the screenshot of it?

84325 Yes, always
84326 Never
84327 That’s weird
84328 What is that?

3. Often what does your mood represents?

84329 Anger
84330 Peace
84331 Mischievousness
84332 Excited

4. What do you think about Revenge?

84333 It is must to equal the calculation
84334 Thing of the past
84335 Don’t waste time & energy
84336 Like spreading rumors

5. Who or what annoys you the most?

84337 Slow thinkers
84338 Sometimes my friends and relatives
84339 No one
84340 Most people

6. What do your friends say about you?

84341 I am caring
84342 I am nasty
84343 I am a fighter
84344 I am obsessive

7. How would you rate your ability to deal with confrontation?

84345 Very good
84346 Average
84347 Bad
84348 Poor

8. When do you say ‘K’ what do you mean?

84349 You want to end the conversation
84350 You are pissed off
84351 You are in a hurry
84352 Simply ‘Okay’

9. You and your loved one argue, what do you do?

84353 Ignore him/her
84354 Wait for an apology from him/her
84355 Try to fix the matter
84356 You and he/she part momentarily and reach out later

10. Do you pretend that you don’t care about the matter that actually bothers you?

84357 Yes
84358 Never
84359 Occasionally
84360 Can’t say
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