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Quiz: How Much You Know About The K-Drama?

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Do you like to watch TV shows? Are you also the type of person who just randomly likes to binge-watch these shows? If you are also the same, then you must be aware of the very amazing South Korean TV series or the K Drama? These shows has won all the hearts and has topped the chart of success all the way! How Much You Know About The K-Drama? Do you think you can answer all the questions about the K Dramas or are you confused about the same? If you have the intellect or you want to test it out, try out this very interesting quiz for all the K Drama lovers!!

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1. What is the name of the most romantic show?

109064 City Couple
109065 Doctor Stranger
109066 Emergency Couple
109067 Hearstrings

2. What is the name of the top show of K Drama?

109068 Headstrings
109069 City Hunter
109070 Emergency Couple
109071 Liar Game

3. What is the name of the social platform where you can watch these drama?

109072 Viki
109073 Netflix
109074 Viu
109075 All of the above

4. How many episodes all the shows have?

109076 13-15
109077 16-20
109078 10-12
109079 21-24

5. Who is the best kisser of K Drama?

109080 Kim Soo Hyun
109081 Haa Suk Jin
109082 Song Jun Ki
109083 None of the above

6. What is the name of the saddest drama?

109084 Goblin
109085 Mr Sunshine
109086 Scarlet Heart Reyo
109087 Heartstrings

7. What is the home of thrillers?

109088 UYN
109089 NTY
109090 OCN
109091 None of the above

8. When are K Dramas broadcasted?

109092 Once in a day
109093 Everyday
109094 Once in a week
109095 Twice in a week

9. Who is the queen of recaps?

109096 Dramabeans
109097 City Hunter
109098 Liar Game
109099 Heartstrings

10. Which awards are the most prestigious?

109100 TV Awards
109101 Asianet Films
109102 Baeksang Arts Awards
109103 Filmfare Awards

11. Who manages a team of writers to publish and promote content for Kdramapal every day?

109104 Song Hook Ju
109105 InternJang
109106 Lim Hoo Ju
109107 None of the above

12. WHich drama has the most kissing scenes?

109108 My Secret Romance
109109 Liar Game
109110 Emergency Couple
109111 CIty Hunter
Let’s start the quiz

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