Agency Kdrama Quiz – Which Agency Character Are You?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
The Agency is a South Korean drama series that revolves around the high-stakes world of talent agencies in the industry of entertainment. This drama shows the personal and professional life of the agents. This drama shows the ambitious woman who does hard work and gets the position of CEO at the agency where she works. This drama shows a professional relationship and a little bit of romance. This drama shows fighting spirit and never to give up till the end and achieve your goal. So take this quiz and know which Agency character are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your first reaction when you face any challenging situation?

A. Analyse the situation and strategics

B. Take charge and lead

C. Listen and empathise with others

D. Dive in with confidence

2. In any team project which role do you want to play?

A. The innovative thinker

B. The motivator and decision-maker

C. The peacemaker and mediator

D. The energetic and enthusiastic participant

3. How do you handle your stress?

A. Plan and organize your way out

B. Confront it head-on

C. Seek support and talk it out

D. Distract yourself and stay positive

4. Which thing attracts you most when you meet a new person?

A. Their aspirations and goals

B. Their strengths and weaknesses

C. Their emotions and experiences

D. Their hobbies and interests

5. Which fashion sense describes you best?

A. Chic and trendy

B. Confident and stylish

C. Comfortable and classic

D. Unique and expressive

6. When you are in crisis what do you do first?

A. Find the most effective solution

B. Take charge and give orders

C. Offer emotional support and comfort

D. Remain optimistic and lighten the mood

7. How you spend your free time?

A. Discovering new talents or skills

B. Organizing events or outings

C. Engaging in deep conversations

D. Exploring new places or trying new activities

8. When you take any difficult decision then you rely on...

A. Logic and analysis

B. Instinct and gut feeling

C. Considering the impact on others

D. Going with your heart and desires

9. Which one is your favorite vacation destination?

A. A bustling city with opportunities

B. An adventure-filled destination

C. A serene and peaceful getaway

D. Anywhere with entertainment and excitement

10. When you face a setback then what do you do first?

A. Analyse what went wrong and learn from it

B. Bounce back quickly and move forward

C. Reflect on the emotional impact and heal

D. Find humor in the situation and lighten the mood

11. Which method do you prefer for expressing affection?

A. Offering practical help or advice

B. Showering with compliments and attention

C. Being a good listener and providing empathy

D. Playful teasing and camaraderie

12. In any social event which thing do you like to do?

A. Network and make new connections

B. Take charge and make the event memorable

C. Form deeper connections with a few people

D. Keep the atmosphere light and fun

13. What is your motto in life?

A. Success is in the details.

B. Lead with confidence.

C. Empathy makes us stronger.

D. Life's a journey, enjoy the ride

14. Your friends often come to you for what?

A. For taking practical solutions and advice

B. For motivation and guidance

C. For emotional support and understanding

D. For entertainment and a good time

15. Which type of movie you like to watch?

A. Thriller or mystery

B. Action-packed or adventure

C. Drama or romance

D. Comedy or feel-good


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