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Quiz: How Much You Know About Augustus The First Roman Emperor?

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1. Which is the name did Augustus go by prior to being given the title Augustus by the Roman Senate?

59798 Octavian
59799 Julius Caesar
59800 Cicero
59801 None of the above

2. Which is the famous Roman leader named Augustus as his heir?

59802 Julius Caesar
59803 Claudius
59804 Agrippa
59805 All of the above

3. Why Augustus most famous?

59806 Becoming the first Roman Emperor
59807 Establishing the Roman Empire
59808 Both of the above
59809 None of the above

4. Which of the following is was the Second Triumvirate?

59810 A powerful alliance between Octavian, Marc Antony, and Lepidus
59811 A war that Augustus waged on the Egyptians
59812 A group of protesters who wanted the Roman Republic restored
59813 All of the above

5. Which of the following foreign leader allied with Marc Antony against Augustus?

59814 Charlemagne
59815 Genghis Khan
59816 Cleopatra of Egypt
59817 None of the above

6. Which one of the entities or ruler had the most power during the Roman Empire?

59818 The people
59819 The tribunes
59820 The emperor
59821 All of the above

7. Who was served as the primary general for Augustus when he was fighting to gain power?

59822 Agrippa
59823 Cicero
59824 Octavian
59825 All of the above

8. Which one of the following did Augustus accomplish during his rule of Rome?

59826 The standing army of Rome was established using professional soldiers
59827 Much of the city of Rome was rebuilt
59828 A lasting period of peace and prosperity began which lasted 200 years
59829 All of the above

9. At the Battle of Actium, Mark Antony allied himself with ---------------- of Egypt.

59830 Queen Cleopatra
59831 Caesarion
59832 Nefertiti
59833 All of the above

10. Augustus ruled up until his death in.....

59834 13 AD
59835 15 AD
59836 14 AD
59837 24 AD

11. After Augustus' death whose became the second emperor of Rome?

59838 Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus
59839 Claudius
59840 Germanic
59841 Caligula

12. What is The month named after Augustus?

59842 April
59843 August
59844 October
59845 All of the above
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