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Lord Rama Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram?

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The great epic Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki Ji & Shri Rama is in the main character. It is the oldest and highest among the incarnated Gods. This is the best example of having good sons, good husbands & good brother. This is the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Rama asura appeared to save this earth from Emperor Lanpati Ravana. Lord Vishnu incarnated on this earth in human form. Shri Ram is also known as Maryada Purushottam. King Dasaratha of Ayodha and Shri Ram of Kosala, his eldest wife were born. His three younger brothers were Bharata, Lashman and Shatrughan. This time was called Treta Yuga. During the exile, Ravana deceitfully took mother Sita to Lanka with him and proposed to marry her. Mother Sita did not accept this at any cost. Shri Ram, with the help of Bajrang Bali and Vanar Sena, discovered Sita and after that, there was a fierce battle in which Shri Rama was victorious and reclaimed mother Sita. Take This Quiz About Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram.

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1. Which yagna did King Dasharatha perform to beget children?

33479 Ashwamedha
33480 Ganapati Homam
33481 Putrakaamesti
33482 Rudra Puja

2. Which Vamsha or lineage did Lord Ram belong to?

33483 Chandra Vamsha
33484 Surya Vamsha
33485 Hari Vamsha
33486 Vayu vamsha

3. What is the nakshatra in which Sri Ramachandra was born?

33487 Rohini
33488 Uttara Phalguni
33489 Punarvasu
33490 Shravana

4. Who is the guru of Lord Ram?

33491 Parashurama
33492 Sage vasishta
33493 Sage Vishwamitra
33494 Sage vyasa

5. Who was the first demon that Lord Ram killed?

33495 Indrajit
33496 Kumbhakarna
33497 Tataka
33498 Shoorpanaka

6. Where did Lord Ram meet Mata Sita first?

33499 Lanka
33500 Mithila
33501 Hastinapur
33502 Dharmapuri

7. What did Lord Ram lift and break to win Sita in marriage?

33503 Arrow of shiva
33504 Bow of shiva
33505 Mountain of mithila
33506 Trishul of Shiva

8. Who is the father-in-law of Lord Ram?

33507 Janaka
33508 Shantanu
33509 Vibhishana
33510 Sumantra

9. Who wanted to send Lord Ram on Exile?

33511 Kaushaliya
33512 Kaikeyi
33513 Sumithra
33514 Mandodari

10. Who came in the guise of a golden deer to the Ashrama of Rama?

33515 Ravana
33516 Kumbhakarna
33517 Maricha
33518 Vibhishana

11. The name of the bird that bird tried to stop Ravana who was Kidnapping Mata.

33519 Vali
33520 Sugriva
33521 Jatayu
33522 Kabandha

12. In what guise did Hanuman first meet Lord Ram?

33523 Demon
33524 Tree
33525 Brahmachari
33526 Woman

13. In which part of Lanka did Hanuman find Mata Sita

33527 Shimshupa vana
33528 Asohaka vana
33529 Kanda vana
33530 Danda vana
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