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Quiz: How Much You Know About Hematuria?

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Questions & Options

1. When enough blood present in the urine that it is visible to the naked eye is called .....

132049 Gross hematuria
132050 Microscopic hematuria
132051 Dipstick hematuria
132052 None of these

2. When oxidation of the urine test strip causes a color change is called ....

132053 Microscopic hematuria
132054 Gross hematuria
132055 Dipstick hematuria
132056 All of these

3. Which of the following are the causes of hematuria?

132057 Urinary stone disease
132058 Injury to the urinary tract
132059 Urinary traction infection
132060 All of these

4. Gross hematuria produces ........ urine due to the presence of red blood cells.

132061 Pink and red colored
132062 Red , brown and black colored
132063 Pink, brown and black colored
132064 Pink, red or cola colored

5. What are the common causes of hematuria?

132065 Vigorous exercise
132066 Sexual activity
132067 Both of these
132068 None of these

6. Which test is used for the detection of blood in urine?

132069 Urinalysis
132070 Paper test
132071 Scanning
132072 None of these

7. Less common causes of hematuria are.....

132073 Sickle cell anemia
132074 Alport syndrome
132075 Both of these
132076 None of these

8. Which one of the following prevents hematuria?

132077 Drink plenty of water
132078 Avoid smoking
132079 Both of these
132080 None of these

9. Which hematuria does not require treatment?

132081 Symptomatic
132082 Asymptomatic
132083 Both of these
132084 None of these
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