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Quiz: How Much You Know About Cyclones?

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A cyclone is a large-scale system of spiral winds in a region of low atmospheric pressure, which rotates in a center of low atmospheric pressure at the equator north of the equator and in a clockwise direction toward the south. Cyclones occur primarily in the middle and high latitude belts of both hemispheres, and cyclones typically occur with violent storms and inclement weather. The cyclone rapidly circulates air around the low-pressure area. The word cyclone is derived from the Greek word cyclo meaning coils of snakes. It was coined by Henry Paddington because tropical storms in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea appear like coiled snakes of the. So let's start this quiz and compare your knowledge about Cyclones.

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1. How many types of Cyclones?

121916 Five types
121917 Two types
121918 Three types
121919 Seven types

2. Which of the following is the biggest cyclone in India?

121920 Galveston
121921 Okeechobee
121922 San Ciriaco
121923 Cyclone Hudhud

3. Which of these is the most powerful cyclone?

121924 Typhoon Tip
121925 Haiphong Typhoon
121926 Hurricane Sandy
121927 Hooghly River Cyclone

4. Which of the following country is most affected by cyclones?

121928 Australia
121929 England
121930 United states
121931 Madagascar

5. Which of the following is the longest tropical cyclone in history?

121932 Galveston 1915
121933 Hooghly River Cyclone
121934 Super Typhoon Tip's
121935 Hurricane/Typhoon John

6. Which of these is the smallest cyclone in the world?

121936 Cyclone Vayu
121937 Cyclone Ockhi
121938 Tropical cyclone Marco
121939 Tropical Storm Pabuk

7. Average how many cyclones occur each year in the world?

121940 90
121941 86
121942 85
121943 95

8. Which is the biggest cyclone in the United States of America?

121944 Okeechobee
121945 San Ciriaco
121946 Cyclone Hudhud
121947 Hurricane Harvey

9. Which term for Cyclone is applied in the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean?

121948 Hurricane
121949 Typhoon
121950 Tornadoes
121951 All of above

10. Which of these causes tropical cyclones to rotate?

121952 Tension Force
121953 Frictional Force
121954 Coriolis Force
121955 Gravitational Force

11. Which of the is another name for tropical cyclone?

121956 Storm Pabuk
121957 Hurricane
121958 Atlantic
121959 None of these

12. What was the wind speed of "Cyclone Fani"?

121960 350km/h
121961 300km/h
121962 250km/h
121963 500km/h

13. When was Cyclone Yemyin comes in India?

121964 11 June 2017
121965 21 June 2017
121966 21 June 2015
121967 11 June 2019

14. Which country gave the name Bulbul cyclone?

121968 India
121969 Pakistan
121970 England
121971 United States
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