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How Mature Am I Quiz

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Do you act childish? There is no harm in allowing your inner child to come out sometimes. Yet it is expected to show maturity when needed. If you are in a quest to explore yourself let's help you in finding out how mature you are. This quiz is a really fun way, to tell the truth. Your honest answer will reveal an accurate result.

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1. Do you still watch animation series?

83381 Sometimes
83382 I watch all
83383 I love them
83384 I watch a kids’ show but that is not animated

2. What you people talk about when you hang out with friends?

83385 Talk, talk, and more talk useless stuff
83386 It’s like ‘truth and dares’
83387 Discuss meaningful things
83388 I don’t have a friend circle

3. Do you believe in holding back when the argument grows fierce?

83389 Yes, this the only way to stop it
83390 No, I say lots of shit things
83391 I try hard to calm myself before reaching abusing level
83392 No, I can’t hold my anger

4. How do you react when your friend suddenly rived off from lunch?

83393 You blame him/her
83394 Feel sorry
83395 You giggle
83396 Laugh out loud with others

5. How do you react when you are watching movies and kids are talking too loud?

83397 You talk louder than them
83398 You scold them
83399 You ask them to be little quite
83400 You are pissed off & exit

6. You fall in which age bracket?

83401 0-10 years
83402 11-20 years
83403 21-30 years
83404 31+ years

7. Have you ever been jailed?

83405 Yes
83406 Never
83407 I am in jail right now
83408 I don’t want to disclose

8. How many GF/BF had you besides the present one?

83409 One
83410 Two
83411 None
83412 Uncountable

9. Do you believe aliens exist?

83413 Yes
83414 No
83415 Can’t say
83416 Sometimes I have to believe

10. How do people around you see you?

83417 Drama queen
83418 An icon
83419 Irresponsible
83420 Sweet & helping
Let’s start the quiz

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