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Quiz: How Long Until My Period Comes?

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Health is an important aspect for every person undeniably. "Health is wealth" is not just a quote but an actuality of what we all should adopt. For women in their teenage, the time really starts being tough when they start having their periods. Eventually not just periods the problem arises when they start having cramps and also the moment when they are supposed to have their periods. Have you ever thought about the time when your periods might get started? Try out this very interesting quiz to see How long until my period comes?

Let’s start the quiz

1. What is your age?

133573 15-18
133574 18-25
133575 25-30
133576 30+

2. Have your breasts started to develop?

133577 Yes, in the last couple of years
133578 Somewhat
133579 Not yet
133580 Yes, in the last couple of weeks

3. How often do you experience any vaginal discharge?

133581 Often
133582 Very Often
133583 Rarely
133584 Somewhat

4. How often do you get pubic hair

133585 Rarely
133586 Somewhat
133587 Often
133588 Very Often

5. How often you had a growth spurt?

133589 Very Often
133590 Often
133591 Somewhat
133592 Rarely

6. How often do you suffer from acne?

133593 Often
133594 Rarely
133595 Very Often
133596 Somehat

7. How often do you fall ill?

133597 Somewhat
133598 Often
133599 Very Often
133600 Rarely

8. How often do you experience mood swings?

133601 Often
133602 Very Often
133603 Somewhat
133604 Rarely

9. How often do you have sleep problems

133605 Often
133606 Somewhat
133607 Rarely
133608 Very Often

10. How often do you get irritated easily?

133609 Rarely
133610 Somewhat
133611 Often
133612 Very Often

11. How often do you have a regular cycle?

133613 Often
133614 Very Often
133615 Somewhat
133616 Rarely
Let’s start the quiz

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