How Charming Are You Quiz

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Charming means how the person behaves in a friendly and pleasant way which makes others feel good and let the person like. Charming can also be defined as pleasing or delightful behavior of persona towards family, friends, and people around. Charming does not mean only about looks and personality, it is more about your internal beauty.

Questions Excerpt

1. What makes you happier?

A. Attention

B. Pampering

C. Truth

D. Self obsession

2. Whom you prefer more to stay in connect?

A. Social media friends

B. Family

C. Close friends

D. Partner

3. What do you advise the best to others?

A. Fashion

B. Food

C. Travel

D. Motivation

4. How do you deal with difficult situations?

A. Stay calm and compose

B. Panic out

C. Think with open mind

D. Ask for suggestion

5. How would people consider you as?

A. Kiddish

B. Stylish

C. Mature

D. Wise

6. What you are more good at?

A. Speaking

B. Listening

C. Be silent

D. Observation

7. When things are worst are you able to keep calm yourself?

A. Get Wrecked

B. Try to do efforts to get out of it

C. Ask others to help

D. Keep calm and compose

8. How much you are active over your phone?

A. 20%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

9. What do you like to do for others?

A. Help when in need

B. Try to plan on their behalf

C. Preach them

D. Nothing

10. What people may feel about you?

A. Proud

B. Jealous

C. Back Bitching

D. Loving

11. What impact do you leave on others as your first impression?

A. Cool

B. Arrogant

C. Intelligent

D. Polite

12. What you are more serious about?

A. Life

B. Studies

C. Job

D. Lifestyle

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