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Full House Quiz Which Character Are You?

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The full house is one most popular American television sitcoms. It portrays the complexities of a family through a light-hearted approach. The show has gained extreme popularity over the years globally. The viewers of this sitcom have always related to each of the characters of Full House. Do you want to know which Full House character you are? Take up this exciting quiz to learn more.

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1. What is your gender?

122716 Male
122717 Female
122718 Others
122719 Don’t want to answer

2. What attracts you the most?

122720 Money
122721 Food
122722 Love
122723 Nothing

3. What is most irritating to you?

122724 Dishonesty
122725 Rude behavior
122726 Delay
122727 Mis-judgment

4. What adjective describes you the most?

122728 Smart
122729 Playful
122730 Friendly
122731 Reserved and matured

5. How do you handle difficult situations?

122732 I panic a lot
122733 I remain calm
122734 I take help from others
122735 None of the above

6. What is the thing that makes you happiest?

122736 Food
122737 Party with friends
122738 Family time
122739 A-one time

7. What are your plans?

122740 To make a massive amount of money
122741 To go on a world tour
122742 To work hard for the rest of your life
122743 Don’t want to answer

8. How do your friends perceive you?

122744 Caring
122745 Lovable
122746 Rude and arrogant
122747 Calm and composed

9. How ambitious are you?

122748 Very much
122749 Not at all
122750 Never thought about ambitions
122751 None of the above

10. What is your favorite subject?

122752 Economics
122753 Business studies
122754 English literature
122755 None of the above
Let’s start the quiz

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