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Electrical Conductors and Insulators Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Electrical Conductors and Insulators

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Substances found in nature in which electric charge can move freely from one place to another i.e. conductors are those substances in which charge flow can occur easily. Since charge flows in conductive materials, we can also say that current flows easily in these materials. The silver good conductor but it is not used due to its expensive cost. Substances found in nature in which the charge cannot flow, that is, the current cannot flow through these substances, they are called insulators or conductors or non-conductive materials. These materials are used in places where we do not have to allow the flow of electric current, as the parts of electrical equipment are made of rubber or plastic, here rubber and plastic are anti-electric material because the electric current cannot flow through them. Let's Take an Awesome Trivia Quiz About Electrical Conductors and Insulators.

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1. Who not store energy in a magnetic field?

46306 Conductor
46307 Semiconductor
46308 Insulator
46309 None of these

2. With what does resistance increase?

46310 Flow of electron
46311 Temperature increase
46312 Temperature decrease
46313 All of the above

3. In which the conductor band is filled with electrons?

46314 Insulator
46315 Conductor
46316 Both of above
46317 None of these

4. Most good electrical conductors are also good conductors of ________.

46318 Heat
46319 Charge
46320 Electron
46321 All of the above

5. In which metal does the valence bond remain vacant?

46322 Conductor
46323 Semiconductor
46324 Insulator
46325 None of the above

6. The higher the temperature the lower the ________________ as resistance increases with temperature.

46326 Resistance
46327 Conductivity
46328 Temperature
46329 None of the above

7. Conductance is the inverse of what measurement?

46330 Voltage
46331 Capacitance
46332 Inductance
46333 Resistance

8. What do we call a substance that has a resistance of zero?

46334 Major conductor
46335 Minor insulator
46336 Superconductor
46337 None of these

9. Which substance has the same electrical potential at all points?

46338 Conducting material
46339 Insulating material
46340 Semiconducting material
46341 All of the above

10. Which one is the name of the scientist who discovered conductivity?

46342 Charles François
46343 Stephen Gray
46344 Francis Hauksbee
46345 William Gilbert

11. When was classified various substances into conductors and insulators of electricity?

46346 In 1714
46347 In 1764
46348 In 1744
46349 In 1734

12. Which one is the type of insulator?

46350 Pin Insulator
46351 Suspension Insulator
46352 Both of the above
46353 None of these
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